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MIND is a family of products empowering you to easily migrate complex IT environments from anywhere to anywhere.
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Our Idea

Make IT world free from artificial roadblocks and monopoly to ensure sustainable development of any project.
No vendor-lock in a cloud universe.
Empower the clients – consumers of cloud resources or cloud owners – with an automated tool for seamless migration of their environments between various clouds.

Product Family

Enterprise workload migration.
Modern technology brings you new exciting features. Cloud offers you access to virtually limitless resources. MIND gives you the freedom to move your application between various environments as needed.

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MIND migration module is built to be able to work with linux kernel and windows internal components to create snapshot of the volume/file systems even when they are in use. MIND migration allow the creation of consistent a read-only point-in-time copy of the volume, ensuring that the contents do not change and are not locked while the migration is being made.
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We publish articles, research and translations on cloud technologies to spread expertise in the market and make life easier for our customers.


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